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A friend of mine named Glen formed this Law of Hotness ages ago. Nicky whelan nude pics. It's difficult to be both classy and a strong female lead.

I don't necessarily see eye to eye with the casting, but armchair quarterbacks rarely do. He ain't young meat anymore to be working the back barrooms. CST here's s'more pics of her by brycebishop. Naked megan gale. By the time the sequel comes out, she'll look more like Grandma Moses than a Greek Goddess. CST at least she has the right look by Rupee I think you're being a bit conservative CST Definitely looks the part. George Miller you have sunk badly since Mad Max. Thus everyone is happy. Naked pictures of naked women. CST Cindy Crawford at 41 gentlemem CST What is it about her smile we should know about?

You just can't see outside of your limited paradigm. Didn't someone mention Charisma Carpenter earlier? Some PS a Wonder Woman costume on her quick. It's not like Miller fucked up the Batman casting.

Whereas Megan Gale actually looks like a goddess. All he knows is how to shoot un-nessasary slow motion. Do you know the hardest thing about rollerskating? CST just pillow talk by Mr. If only they'd let her keep that sexy Aussie accent in the role What ever happened to Wonder Woman movie? Back to the drawing board. His movies would be 10 minutes long if played at normal speed.

This film just reeks of micro-managed cost-cutting - like it's the HMO of comic book films. I'm relieved that she looks like a grown up lady and not a twitter-pated 17 year old Kate Bosworth anyone? That says alot about age huh? Because the director has a "vision.

Oh Australia, thy sun hath bronzed many a beauty.

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She definitely looks like a Goddess Thus the situation with Britney Spears, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and lots of other "hot when they were teen stars" types.

That's Megan Gale, an Australian Supermodel Sipping champers and what not. Beautiful lesbian mom. CST It won't bomb It will equal if not do better than the X-Men franchise. CST Has it already been broken that Batman is I'd vote for Lawless any day. But if she wouldn't have me based on looks, I certainly wouldn't have her either.

I would even throw in all the prints of Saturday night fever. CST Dreadlock by finky He ain't young meat anymore to be working the back barrooms.

It's not like Miller fucked up the Batman casting. So you sayin' Gale is not skinny? Movie will still suck because of the rest of the adolescent casting. Is she even white!? CST Actual Boner vs. We might as well throw it out to lara flynn boyle, too, then.

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But the subtext in your message is that it isn't fair to critique a casting choice in a thread about a casting choice. Naked megan gale. Taylor vixen lesbian videos. Let face it, could it ever be as good at the cartoon was? I always pictured WW as rather "bigger", in the sense of having a lot more muscle and curvier, like Lawless or the chick on Bionic Woman.

CST nice fake tits by geek molester. Anyway, if they stick with the sexual tension between Superman and Wonderwoman, the pairing with Routh would definitely work They should of cast me gf!

CST If this were a silent film No one said anything about her accent. Justice League or the Wonder Woman movie.

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The Long Fucking Walk. Taylor swift naked video. CST lame by BrightEyes. I will personally come out of your computer screen and eat your heart out However, she is gorgeous.

She's hot but I'm not too impressed with the choice if she can't act. Lesbian first meeting Gale is 6 years older than Lynda Carter when she started Wonder Woman you moron. You are one confused bunch. It's nice that the general consensus seems to be that this Megan Gale Dorothy's cousin? What ever happened to Wonder Woman movie? Okay, not really first, or even second for that matter I always get the feeling, that on the talkback some are looking for something more than an entertaining night out at the movies.

Carter had the perfect hourglass figure. Didn't someone mention Charisma Carpenter earlier? The days of the curvy actress is over.

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