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We're just such strong women.

The Miz starts to tease his wife about her eye sight. Lana tells Rusev that it is pointless to have friends. Latina lesbians fucking hard. Lana tells Renee that she is needy for attention. Renee says that she came here for charity and not for Lana's attempt at another honeymoon with Rusev. Total divas naked. No one was more shocked than Nattie, though, who walked in on the very naked Rosa in their hotel room.

Rusev has a conversation with Lana, where he tries to convince her that she needs friends Our next thanks go to the nude model herself, Rosa Mendes. And that man is… Nikki said: Miz jokes that he now knows why Maryse married him because his face is just one big blur to her. Views Read Edit View history. Retrieved 28 October Back at the house later, Renee and Naomi arrive and find that Lana and Rusev are asleep.

Along with Maxim magazine, the flaming hot redhead also posed for Muscle and Fitnessgracing the mag's cover and has been involved in a few national commercials. Unbranded naked and famous. Rumors have begun flying around that this is not the end and that we can look forward to a few more nudes featuring WWE stars. She's the latest star to grace Total Divas and not only does she wrestle but she's also won more than just her fair share of bodybuilding competitions.

I literally went home, locked myself in my room for like three days and refused to come out…it made me so depressed and I was so over men too. She was once voted the eighth hottest woman in WWE History, so there are worse pics to get in your inbox after all….

Total Divas viewership - Week 3 first-time event". Nikki tells Brie that she would have to eat all the plates of salad to equal the amount of iron on just Nikki's plate. And she's loving it! She tries to encourage Brie to abandon her vegetarian diet, by setting up a table with several plates of salad and just one plate of meat. The most harrowing story is from when Nikki was just 15 years old, and some creep tried to abduct her.

Total divas naked

She is on the phone with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. She never thought that her life would be like this a year ago. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Eva Marie is now shown making her entrance to the ring, as she is set to face off again with Becky Lynch. Ziggler reluctantly deletes the picture on his phone. Related Stories Beyond Official! The Miz then has Maryse try on glasses but she doesn't like them.

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Mandy is smoking hot and is kind enough to share her fitness journey with us all; bless you. Tumblr sexy lesbian videos. Lana tells Rusev that it is pointless to have friends. The tiny ink is visible just above her wrestling shorts and peeks out teasingly. General 17 hours ago. A preview is shown for next week's show.

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They end up giving the school supplies and playing with and spending time with the children at the centre. It was first reported several months back that he was WWE bound but then he was back on the independent scene and was taking dates.

Lana suggests that her husband comes along with her. Later on, Renee, Lana and Rusev show up at the home that they will be staying in. This time, Rusev objected to Lana wearing a bikini while standing in their front yard in full view of the neighbors.

They are not up for it and give Lana the cold shoulder. Eva Marie is shown with her father, who has been struggling to fight cancer Eva's wardrobe malfunction storyline plays out in the ring Renee and Naomi take several shots and get drunk. Total divas naked. Tits to die for tumblr. Sure, they provide you with a little behind the scenes footage as well, but nothing quite like the next few pics.

Maryse calls Mike's trick mean and says that he purposely wrote it in small letters. WWE 13 hours ago. Brie talks with Nikki about her troubles with having a baby, and how she is learning a lot about her body in the process. This airs on the first episode 9pm on Sunday. She made world headlines when she proposed to Alberto Del Rio in the middle of another ring during his match.

Again, we can assure you: Lana insisted that she was only trying to get a tan, but Rusev seem to think that Lana was trying to give their male neighbors a great view of her impressive body. Views Read Edit View history. Our next thanks go to the nude model herself, Rosa Mendes. Big tits maid. Brie teases Nikki about her emotional imbalance and then jokes about how she doesn't know everything about her own va.

Living her best life! And that man is…. Oh, and did we mention that she's drop dead gorgeous?

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